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Brambilla’s interiors, more than anything else, reveals his level of creativity and design personality. Brambilla uses a modern vocabulary.

His spaces are most often seriously self-confident and stripped of decoration and texture. Although his interiors reveal the stamp of an architectural mindset, the end result exudes freedom, spontaneity, casualness, and “joie de vivre”.

What makes the difference is his ability to articulate space and light, his introduction of eclectic accents that reflect his international background, and his daring touches of colors.

Moreover, furniture is most often on casters, creating flexibility of use and freedom of movement.


Here are some samples of his residential interiors:


  • The residence of a publisher at 10 White Street, New York

  • His own living space at 81 Leonard Street. New York City,

  • The Soho’s penthouse of a “gentleman from Verona”, at 45 Greene Street, New York City


Brambilla injects the same happy casualness in commercial interiors.


“I 3 Merli”, a wine-bar and restaurant that for 2 decades interpreted and mirrored the spirit of New York’s SoHo, is one of his most successful project, praised by both the architectural critics and the general public, who every night packed the place from the very beginning .

Brambilla also designed several office interiors for American and European corporations reflecting the same elegant and warm design that characterizes his residential interiors.


Among these projects are:


  • I 3 MerliSTET Corporation offices at 400n Park Avenue, New York City

  • DIESEL Corporation offices at 80 West 40th Street, New York City

  • ITALIAN-MERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, at 570 Fifth Avenue, New York City

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